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'Growth and Spread: Spatial Dynamics of an Invasive Species'
20 Feb

Living Earth Collaborative/Evolution, Ecology & Population Biology Seminar featuring Kelley Erickson, Missouri Botanical Garden.

Thursday, February 20 | 4:00 PM
LEC / EEPB Seminar
27 Feb

Swanne Gordon, Washington University, “Sex- and Morph-biased Dispersal Affect Population Structure and Polymorphism: A Test Using a ‘Non-model’ Model System”

Thursday, February 27 | 4:00 PM
'Recognition of Identity in Social Insects'
02 Mar

Biology Department Seminar featuring Patrizia d'Ettorre, Clark Harrison Way Visiting Professor in Biology at Wash U, Professor in Ethology, Université Paris 13.

Monday, March 2 | 4:00 PM
Michael Dietrich, expert on scientific controversies
30 Mar

This year's event will feature Michael Dietrich, professor of the history and philosophy of biology at the University of Pittsburgh. Dietrich's expertise...

Monday, March 30 | 4:00 PM

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