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CBAC Seminar: Julia Gorelik

Tuesday, December 7, 2021 | 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Virtual Event

As part of the CBAC Seminar series, join us for this presentation by Julia Gorelik, Professor of Cellular Biophysics, National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College London, United Kingdom.

This seminar will be virtual. Register for this event by going here.

Seminar Title: "Functional Imagining of Nanodomains in Cardiomyocytes"

Abstract: This seminar will examine new development in cell compartmentation signalling in cardiomyocyte during heart failure. Heart failure (HF) is a major contributor to the cardiovascular disease burden and impacts significantly to global health expenditure. In HF, a progressive loss of a network of deep invaginations, transverse tubules (TT), results in molecular remodelling that includes the alterations in beta adrenergic receptors (βARs), ion channels, in particular L-type calcium channels (LTCCs), Ca2+-handling proteins, and proteins mediating cell-cell coupling. This exaggerates cardiomyocyte Ca2+-handling abnormalities and leads to the development of triggers of arrhythmia (early and delayed after-depolarizations, EADs and DADs). These pathological changes could only be revealed recently thanks to the emerging new nanoscale functional imaging. Scanning ion conductance microscopy (SICM) gives topographical image of cells surface; it can be combined with other techniques to study living myocytes physiology. Scanning nanopipette serves as a precise drug delivery tool, which allows stimulation of nanodomains of signalling. Same nanopipette can be used in a patch-clamp recording of ion currents. Second messengers such as calcium and cAMP can be detected by FRET microscopy in combination with SICM.

All the above techniques allowed studying remodelling of the TT and communication between various ion channels and receptors in the nanodomains of signalling. In this seminar, Julia Gorelik will discuss recent findings regarding the loss of nanodomain functional integrity in HF.

For more information, contact Huyen (Gwen) Nguyen at hbnguyen@wustl.edu


Event Type

Lectures & Presentations, Seminar/Colloquia


McKelvey School of Engineering


Science & Technology, Medicine & Health

Biomedical Engineering, Cardiac Bioelectricity & Arrhythmia Center
Event Contact

Huyen (Gwen) Nguyen | hbnguyen@wustl.edu

Speaker Information

Julia Gorelik
Professor of Cellular Biophysics
Cardiovascular Science Division
National Heart and Lung Institute
Imperial College London, United Kingdom

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