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Randy Gadell

Randy Gadell left a positive review 10/16/2019

LabArchives presented and did full demoes the of LabArchives Professional and LabArchives Classroom Edition. Both versions are being integrated with BOX storage and Classroom is being integrated with Canvas

Laura Peer

Laura Peer left a positive review 10/3/2019

I had been trying to get to a talk with Caitlyn Collins since her book was released and I'm so glad I finally did! It was a rich overview of her findings as she presented them in her book. She conveyed the multifaceted nature of the problems women must navigate in pursuing their careers and raising families across four countries. The takeaway for me -- that US women have zero social policies to support them as employees and mothers, and are the only ones that blame themselves for their extreme levels of stress and feelings of failure -- is a vital message that needed to be illuminated.

One note: An incorrect room was listed in some places and about 40 of us arrived 15 minutes late as we tried to find the actual location.

Mandi Walsh

Mandi Walsh left a positive review 10/3/2019

For some reason I wasn't notified of the room change; so I was unable to attend, very disappointing since I have been wanting to hear Prof Collins speak for a very long time. I understand "things" happen, and hopefully there will be another opportunity to hear her present in the near future. I am sure it was great though...

Nikki Hafner

Nikki Hafner left a positive review 10/3/2019

The presentation was very informative and presenter passionate and knowledgeable about the subject. I left feeling empowered and wanting to learn how I could do more to "make motherhood work" in America.

The only downside was the website listed the wrong room, so I and about 25 other people were waiting in a building across campus. Only when one of the waiting participants found the correct room did some of us leave to go find it, missing the first 20 minutes of the presentation. Many others simply left and missed the presentation.

Danforth University Center

Danforth University Center posted a photo 8/2/2019