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Tuesday, January 4

19th-Century Medical Schools of St. Louis
04 Jan

St. Louis witnessed the creation of two-dozen medical schools in the 1800s, including the first west of the Mississippi River and the only two still in...

A Day in the Life
04 Jan

The portability of miniature books makes them perfect for carrying and using throughout daily life. A large portion of the Julian and Hope Edison Collection...

Exhibit: Transnational Framings: German Visual Culture in the Age of Nationalism
04 Jan

The exhibition Transnational Framings: German Visual Culture in the Age of Nationalism, 1848-1919, demonstrates how mass-produced, illustrated media from...

Joy Williams: Honored Guest
04 Jan

The Washington University Libraries acquired the Joy Williams Papers in 2017, a significant milestone for its Modern Literature Collection. Williams is one...

Moving Magic: Movable Books in the Rare Books Collections
04 Jan

Though many consider pop-up books to be for children, books with moving parts have been around for centuries and encompass all genres. The Rare Book...

CIPE Workshop: Leveraging Interprofessional Practice to Provide Optimal Patient Outcomes
04 Jan

Learn how an interprofessional practice model and strategies can affect healthcare quality in a large academic medical center. We will discuss the literature...

Tuesday, January 4, 2022 | 12:00 PM
Virtual Event

Tuesday, January 4