A guide to events on our campuses.

Assembly Series

A tradition of convening thought leaders since 1953

8ight Ways to Wellness Activity Challenge
21 Feb

Need a boost to help you with your 8ight Ways to Wellness? 8ight Ways to Wellness is the framework that guides all of the programs and resources offered...

Friday, February 21
'Men on Boats'
21 Feb

"Men on Boats" recounts the exhilarating story of John Wesley Powell’s expedition down the Green and Colorado rivers. The history of this 19th Century...

Friday, February 21 | 12:00 AM
Interfaith Week
21 Feb

Sponsored by the Office for Religious, Spiritual and Ethical Life. View a full listing of events. Event of note: The Rabbi Ferdinand Isserman Lecture:...

Friday, February 21 | 12:00 AM
WUSM Health Happening Fair
21 Feb

Get your annual health screening, visit with clinicians and vendors, walk away with giveaways, and more! As you focus on the 8ight Ways to Wellness,...

Midwest Memory Mayhem
21 Feb

This workshop explores focused topics at the intersection of the philosophy and psychology of human memory. With short talks in focused sessions, the aim is...

Friday, February 21 | 8:30 AM
Third Annual International Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Symposium
21 Feb

The 2020 International Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Symposium: What Happens Before and After International Arbitration? will be held at Washington...

Friday, February 21 | 1:00 PM
'In France With James Baldwin'
21 Feb

"The Common Reader," Washington University’s online journal, and the Department of African & African American Studies invites you to a special lecture with...

Laboratory Astronomy Using Microscopes
21 Feb

Presolar grains found in pristine meteorites are stellar relicts that predate our solar system. They enable the study of bona fide stellar materials in the...

Friday, February 21 | 2:15 PM
Song of Volcano and Mine: Audiovisual Imagery/Imagination of "Nanyang" (Southeast Asia) in 1930s Chinese Cinema
21 Feb

Since the 18th century, “Nanyang” (Southeast Asia) has been a destination for Chinese migrants, who predominantly worked at mines and plantations. The...

Friday, February 21 | 3:00 PM
Research Workshop: EndNote OnLine
21 Feb

Learn to use EndNote OnLine to store references, attach pdf documents and create bibliographies instantly for your research paper. This class will focus on...